The Situation

Politics in Canada is upside-down

In the past, barely one hundred years ago, the Prime Minister of Canada was accountable to the Parliament of Canada. Today, Parliament is accountable to the Prime Minister. This upside-down situation in effect does this:

  • turns the PM, the leader of the governing party, into an elected monarch
  • turns the members of Parliament from that governing party into the monarch’s advisors
  • leaves all other members of Parliament with little to do and little power to do it

When we exercise our right and fulfill our responsibility by voting, we are not so much choosing representatives to govern us as we are electing a monarch.

This is the situation that we address in this site. We have partitioned our discussion as follows:

  • The Situation – politics in Canada is upside-down (this page)
  • The Citizen – political responsibilities in a democracy
  • The Hurdles – some barriers to effective political action by citizens
  • The Party – joining a party is a radical political act
  • The Candidate – nominating candidates who can and will lead
  • The Voter – the knowing and caring actor in our democracy
  • The Ballot – the 1-X ballot and how it can be changed for the better
  • The Authors – Louise Goueffic and Bill Hayes
  • The Blog – stir the pot: leave a comment, author a post

We invite Comments and Posts by all with an interest in the situation.

Louise Goueffic and William Hayes

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